Welcome on autosim.fw.hu!

You can found a lot of cars for racing games, which we made.

There are only some picture of CMR2 HRC(Hungarian Rally Championship) 2005 mod, which is under construction.

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You can find some new pictures about Herczig's Focus wrc
Daniel Szakos joined me, and he is helping for me lot



I made a video. It show you some new cars on the stages.
Click here to download the video
If it doesn't work please use download manager program (Flashget or Getright)



You can find some new WIP (work in progres) pictures. (Janika,Bútor,Spitzmüller,Holczer,Móricz,Cigány,Michna,Balázs öcsi,Szabó Gergő)



I updated the car list of the HRC 2005 mod.

I updated the downloads section, rc2000 cars are available to download.

You can find some new picture of CMR2 HRC 2005 mod



The autosim.fw.hu started today.

There are 2 album of CMR2 HRC(Hungarian Rally Championship) 2005 mod and my RBR cars and 1 album of my rc2000 cars.

Other cmr2 cars are on rallyfan.fw.hu



I make cars for these games:

  • Richard Burns Rally
  • Colin McRae Rally 2
  • Rally Championship 2000

I put some Hungarian-related files for other games.



My e-mail adress: autosim@freemail.hu

My msn adress: pacsirenaultf1@freemail.hu